A holistic powerhouse of solutions designed to digitally transform your entire business from the ground up.

Presenting the ArcSuite

Here at Archarina, we take a holistic approach to digitizing business processes. The ArcSuite was built from that vision. Archarina’s ArcSuite was created to make your business as streamlined, efficient, and elegant as possible.


Intuitive workflows and real-time reports. Complete control & visibility over sales and marketing funnels.


Comprehensive solution for HR operations. Manage all your HR operations from one platform and access them from anywhere.


Reliable and secure eSignature solution. Automated workflows for faster signatures. Say no to paperwork.


Powering business with financial data. Slice any financial data for meaningful insights. Track the financial performance in real-time.


Every hour tracked, Simple and Easy. Get the client billing done right through project-wise time spent report.


Making the payroll process swifter & convenient. 100% compliance with local and federal regulatory requirements.


Reduced effort & Automated bill payments. Create recurring bills for regular purchases. Improve the accuracy of the accounting function.


Manage expenses seamlessly. Split the expenses & itemize them according to your requirement. Helping you account every expense!


Organize & manage customer tickets. Easy to set up and scale the system. Prioritize customer requests and route them to the right person.